Waikato Landscaping Services

Florida Ltd offers Landscaping Design and Build services to people living in and around Cambridge and Waikato regions.


Your #1 Choice for Landcaping in the Waikato

A professionally landscaped and well designed garden will transform your personal environment to be enjoy by family and friends for many years into the future.

Florida Landscaped gardens are designed quickly and created efficiently for you. Save time by employing a professional, sit back, relax in your backyard, and enjoy the results with a "wow" factor from the team at Florida.

If you enjoy your garden but gardening is really not your thing talk to us about creating the ultimate low maintenance garden for you.
We offer landscape construction, decorative concrete, gates and fences, automation and commercial services.  There is no job too big or small for our great team of professionals.



At Florida we take pride in being able to offer an extensive range of construction services to the highest standard.  Our senior landscapers come to you with significant years of experience in all forms of landscape installation.  Our ability to manage your construction project entirely 'in house' eliminates the difficulty for you of trying to coordinate several independent contractors on the one site.

Our emphasis is always on quality workmanship, and we build features that not only look great but are also going to stand the test of time. No project is too big or too small. Florida  provides the absolute best in landscape construction Waikato wide.


Decorative Concrete

Installing decorative concrete is a great way of creating an attractive, durable, long lasting and cost effective hard surface.  Well placed concrete will enhance your surroundings and add value to your property.

As part of our construction service, Florida LTD specialise in all forms of landscape concrete installation.  With assistance from our thoughtful design team we are able to offer creative options of colour, surface treatment, and detailing that set our concrete projects apart from the rest.

Call our offices for professional advice on how to make the most of your outdoor areas. Whether it is a pathway, patio, driveway or courtyard, the finished result will give you many years of satisfaction.


Gates & Fences

Florida Ltd's range of services extends to the supply and installation of quality gates and automation.  Whether it be solid timber, powder coated aluminium or a combination of the two, we invite you to work with our team to design a customised swing or sliding gate to set your property apart.

We are the Waikato agents for two of New Zealand's premiere gate manufacturers.  Wooden Gates Waiuku craft outstanding cedar, kwila and pine entrance gates using full mortised and tenon joints to create a timeless impression.  Aluminium Artistry draw on 25 years experience to custom build powder coated aluminium gates, pool fencing and louvre panels of the highest quality.

All gates are covered by a five year warranty on materials and installation.

Call the Florida offices to arrange a free measure and quote, and our team will see the project through to completion.

We also offer a fully customised automation package for your convenience and security.  This includes Italian quality Aprimatic swing and sliding motors, audio and video intercom systems, remote control, keypad entry, in ground sensors and much more.  We arrange for the installation of all automation components by our associated registered electrician.



The Florida Ltd management team has the knowledge and experience required to professionally handle your upcoming commercial landscaping project.

We have extensive experience in large scale planting design and instillation projects, and we currently hold grounds maintenance contracts for multiple commercial and retail sites throughout Hamilton City.
Our construction teams can assist with commercial concrete instillation, security fencing, and entranceway features.  We’ve also built a number of fantastic Early Childcare and Primary School playground spaces.

Our Tree Specialists team are able to carry out all forms of arboricultural work on your car park and roadside specimen trees.  We can arrange traffic management services, and we hold extensive broad form public liability insurance.


If you have any questions, call us on 07 827 8494 or visit our contact page.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does landscaping cost? 

A: Every landscaping project is different but it all starts with a chat to our expert landscaping team. Our team will listen to your landscaping ideas and determine the scope of your landscaping needs. 

Q: What do landscapers do? 

A: Landscapers are professionals who specialise in designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor spaces. Their main objective is to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of a given area, whether it's a residential garden, commercial property, public park, or any other outdoor space. Here are some common tasks that landscapers typically undertake:
  1. Design and Planning: Landscapers work with clients to understand their preferences, budget, and needs. They create landscape designs that may include elements such as plants, hardscape features (like patios or walkways), lighting, and irrigation systems.

  2. Planting and Installation: Landscapers are responsible for selecting and planting trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants. They also install features such as retaining walls, fences, decks, and water features.

  3. Hardscaping: This involves the construction of non-plant elements in a landscape, such as patios, pathways, driveways, and walls. Hardscaping adds structure and functionality to outdoor spaces.

  4. Irrigation Systems: Landscapers design and install irrigation systems to ensure that plants receive an adequate amount of water. This may include the installation of sprinklers, drip irrigation, or other watering methods.

  5. Lawn Care: Landscapers often provide lawn maintenance services, including mowing, fertilizing, and aerating lawns to keep them healthy and attractive.

  6. Tree and Shrub Care: This involves pruning, trimming, and overall care of trees and shrubs to maintain their health and shape.

  7. Mulching: Landscapers use mulch to cover the soil around plants, which helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and improve soil health.

  8. Seasonal Cleanup: Landscapers may perform seasonal cleanups to remove debris, leaves, and other materials that accumulate in outdoor spaces.

  9. Maintenance Services: Many landscapers offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the landscape continues to thrive. This may include regular mowing, weeding, and fertilizing.

  10. Consultation: Landscapers may provide advice and consultation services to clients who want to improve their outdoor spaces. This could involve recommending plants, suggesting design changes, or addressing specific issues.

Q: What are some trending ideas in landscaping today?

A: Landcaping trends are ever evolving, but here are a few ideas we commonly get asked about.

  1. Sustainable Landscaping: There's a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly practices, including the use of native plants, water-efficient irrigation systems, and eco-friendly materials.

  2. Outdoor Living Spaces: The trend toward creating functional and comfortable outdoor living spaces continues. This includes the design of outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and entertainment zones.

  3. Low-Maintenance Gardens: Many homeowners are opting for low-maintenance landscaping designs that require minimal upkeep. This often involves the use of native plants and strategic hardscaping elements.

  4. Smart Irrigation Systems: The integration of smart technology in landscaping, such as irrigation systems that can be controlled through mobile apps, is becoming more prevalent.

  5. Naturalistic Water Features: Instead of traditional, highly manicured water features, there's a trend towards more naturalistic ponds, streams, and water gardens that mimic natural ecosystems.

  6. Drought-Tolerant Landscaping: With concerns about water conservation, drought-tolerant plants and landscaping designs that reduce water usage are in demand.

  7. Wildlife-Friendly Gardens: Creating spaces that attract and support local wildlife, such as birds and pollinators, is a trend that aligns with a growing interest in biodiversity.