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Greenwaste Dumping

We offer a Greenwaste dumping service at our yard located at 60 Hautapu Road, Cambridge.

All Greenwaste is taken from site and recycled in to beautiful compost to be put back on to your garden, so nothing is wasted! 

We take all forms of Greenwaste except for Flax as this tends to bind up the composting machine.

Prices are as follows:

Greenwaste Dumping Fees

Greenwaste - Bag $8.00
Greenwaste - Car Boot $15.00
Greenwaste - Lawn Clippings $25.00
Greenwaste - Standard Trailer $30.00
Greenwaste - High Side Trailer $40.00
Greenwaste - Small Truck $70.00
We also offer clean fill dumping facilities at $40 per m³. 

If you have any questions, call us on 07 827 8494 or visit our contact page.