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Garden Care Waikato
Garden Supplies Waikato
Garden Care Waikato

Garden Care

At Florida Ltd we have a passion for the nurture and development of beautiful gardens throughout the Waikato.

NEW GARDENS: To protect your investment in landscaping, Florida's garden care service will ensure your fantastic new garden flourishes, adding value to your home and most importantly your lifestyle.  Regular care programs or seasonal support can be tailored to suit any requirement.

GARDEN RENOVATION: Finding that lovely garden that hides within your property is a Florida garden care specialty.  With vision and skill we can enhance the positive elements in your garden while minimising its negatives. The addition of tasteful and appropriate design can breathe new life into an old garden.

COMMERCIAL GARDENS: Creative solutions for the care of commercial properties within the constraints of public access, budget and timeline is part of the Florida garden care service.  We can develop a maintenance program to suit your business requirements.

PLANT SUPPLY" We work closely with nurseries to ensure the supply of the best available plant material at a reasonable price.